Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach

Callie is an entrepreneur and Life Coach focusing on Mindset and empowering her clients to take charge of their life’s. She is a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, Callie’s services aim to introduce clarity and guidance to get you clear on what you really want in your life and a plan to get you there.

She works with you to bring your emotions in, so you learn to be gentle and loving with yourself. You learn that it is an inside out job, and you need to learn to listen to your emotions message, so you can grow and create change.  When you can have emotional mastery, you spend your energy living your life the way you want, instead of trying to avoid it.

She works with you to really understand yourself, so you can move forward with the courage to listen and be your authentic self. This creates a deep sense of self-love and self-worth, so that you have the confidence and courage to move towards everything you want in life.

Our limiting thoughts and fears can really work to take us down.  Callie works with you to learn how to control all the “crap thinking” that has you feeling like you are never good enough. That has you striving and pushing to prove yourself and at the end of the day still leaving you feeling unfulfilled. She moves you towards a thinking that empowers you. Shifting you to owning your worth and love from the inside out. Has you moving toward your goals and dreams.

You are always enough!  You have everything within you at this very moment, you may just need the right tools, strategies and insights to breakthrough old negative patterns. Along with loving support to move your forward.

Callie is by your side, supporting you, and giving you that loving "kick in the ass" that you need to move past fear and have the courage to transform your life and live it on your own terms.


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